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KIT INCLUDES: 140-2897 QTY 1, 147-0860 QTY 1, 122-0833 QTY 1, 326-5336 QTY 3


Kit Number A060Z227 for Cummins Onan HDKAH/AK Diesel Generators


Keep The Lights On and Relax

Thousands of RV enthusiasts around the world depend on the reliable performance of Cummins Onan generators to make their vacations and road trips a success. At Cummins, we understand how critical generator uptime is to our customers. That's why we've developed the Onan RV Generator maintenance kits to help ensure you can keep the lights on and relax during your next trip.


Designed For Efficiency

These kits are designed to go on the road with you and provide the necessary materials to perform basic preventative maintenance at your final destination. Tailored specifically for four generator models, the kits include items such as 2 quarts of Onamax oil, necessary filters and spark plugs.


Genuine Performance. Genuine Value.

Don't take the risk of using non-genuine parts in your Cummins Onan Generator. We understand how much every minute of generator downtime can affect your travel plans. That's why we always recommend genuine Onan parts. Genuine parts are built to meet or exceed the original specifications for performance, reliability and durability of your Cummins Onan Generator. They also include the latest upgrades in materials, component design and workmanship. Therefore, you aren't just replacing worn parts - you're improving the performance of your generator.


SKU: C7BA060Z227
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