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Air-Vantage Conversion Kit

Dometic to Coleman-Mach Ducted Rootop Conversion Kit for AC or Heat Pump Replacement

The AIR-VANTAGE KIT allows you to use the existing CT wall thermostat, control box, and ducted ceiling plenum to install Coleman-Mach air conditioners and heat pumps.  The kit components provide electrical and mounting changes required to install a new Coleman-Mach rooftop unit.  If the current system is not controlled by a CT wall thermostat, AIR-VANTAGE will not provide the necessary components for replacement.

This kit is intended to allow replacement installation of a Coleman-Mach rooftop air conditioner or heat pump while still utilizing the original Dometic ducted ceiling grille with single zone control box and “CT” wall thermostat (See Illustration Above). NOTE: Not to be used to replace a rooftop unit with a 3 speed blower – for use with 2 speed, single zone control boxes only.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can the AIR-Vantage kit be used to replace all Dometic ducted rooftop units? 
    • No, this kit installed with a Coleman-Mach rooftop unit can be used to replace two fan speeds Dometic rooftop units that are operated with a “CT” wall thermostat and a single zone control box.
  • Can the AIR-Vantage kit be used to replace Dometic air conditioners and heat pump rooftop units? 
    • Yes.
  • What Dometic ducted plenum components will be reused?
    • The “CT” wall thermostat, the interior ceiling shroud, the grille and filter, the six screws that attach the interior grille to the mounting plate, the screw covers, the Dometic control box, and the two screws that attached the control box to the original mounting plate.
  • What Dometic ducted plenum components will not be reused?
    • The 4 bolts and mounting plate that are used to mount the Dometic rooftop unit to the roof, and the Dometic rooftop unit.


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